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I was talking about the other day to understand cannabis you gotta understand yourself you know because you can want A B C and D, and there is the flat out there or that literally pufc you a B, C and D and just sinks up with your system. So it's like. I'm yawning.

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Puff puff chat

So this is what pkff bosses is for! Yeah, this is a job in an industry is education I you I don't know who whoever is watching. Oh calm down.

Puff puff chat

So it's our body can help restore the it helps our cardio. He's placing that image in his mind. I like that makes me nauseous because you're obviously just like.

Yeah lazy definitely one of the biggest stigmas. And then they, so that was a spin off ;uff a real life. I turn this up sounds good.

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I know we're supposed to be talking about jobs pff industry, like give education, I won't be in Seattle but they are from the Seattle so cha with them. How does it help your body. Thanks for coming in today. I'm always like late so this is my jump four minutes ago.

Puff puff chat

No, hi. You know what I'm talking about while you were talking what it was the it was when you're like education!

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I feel like we have to ask him like he would know best like if he would have preferred so over that, but people have forgotten about that already it kinda like pufff can now we're moving into growing hemp and using it for like industrial purposes, but pufd the thing it's like it helps with so much shit. I love you. ;uff

Puff puff chat

We're gonna take a little break. So you're really. Mindshow mind and come talk to us.

Need a card live in a place where this is the best way I know it is today today today is different today. I know that you still really want to be illegal, you know.

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I bought it and I was like this is gonna. That's what I pjff up in that's a place where I'm learning to come out of even still so what I did. I found it I if I can try one Yeah but the whole week was based off the real life. And also give so much education to so many ppuff people and steer towards is more holistic health and these guys have been in their practice for 25 years and cat just recently in the last bit have switched over into cannabis and working that way.

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I keep being really high. Can we stop talking about this.

That cannabis is bad for you and they stand point on the fact that you know it was that criminalized for so long but they're still in that place and that's totally fine If you are if you are the. Thank pucf.

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Let's Fix it just so that I'm trying to fix it. I get it.

Mad love and respect I respect and love too. We're just having trouble playing the video That's playing the video. Yeah because beep beep beep beep beep!

Puff puff chat

That's all from us? I will be just come out.

So actually, We definitely got right before we came on the show. Yeah, you know, sleep.